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Ultimate Tan 7 uses the best beds and best bulbs to provide you with the greatest tan. We are dedicated to giving our clients the best results possible. However, these results can become even greater when you use a lotion. Indoor tanning lotions are jam packed with amazing ingredients that not only help your tan become darker faster but also provide other amazing benefits. 

Did you know that vitamins can be absorbed in three different ways: 1) oral ingestion; 2) lozenges; and 3) topical cream. Our tanning lotions are specially formulated with ingredients that are vitamin enriched with CoQ10, body blush, bronzers, accelerators, anti-aging, firming, slimming, moisture intense extracts, tan fresh, coolants, and so much more to help make your skin appear younger, radiant, moist, sun kissed, glowing and toned.

Ultimate Tan 7 employees are trained in lotion product knowledge and can help you with any question you may have regarding lotions. Picking the right lotion for you is a very important step to getting the results you want! We carry lotions from Designer Skin, Australian Gold, California Tan, and Devoted Creations. We now carry a variety of specialized skin care products which work hand-in-hand with the That'so 42 Collagen Bodywave and That'so sun make-up.

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