Woman on Tanning Bed
  1. AVOID BURNING - The number one rule to achieving the best tan is to never burn – once you burn you permanently damage your skin making it more difficult to tan and longer to achieve that golden colour you desire.
  2. The proper way to tan in a sun bed - To start, your hands should rest behind your head and your feet should be spread apart. For the second half of the session your feet should come closer together and your hands should rest down by your sides. This technique insures that all areas of the body tan evenly.
  3. Want to SEE your tanning results? You should always wear protective eyewear that creates a light-tight seal around your eyes. The skin of your eyelids are thin and shutting your eyes does not fully protect your eyes from the UVA and UVB rays. Contacts are another concern. If you wear contacts make sure to use eyedrops before or after tanning in order to keep your eyes moist.  Tanning naturally drains moisture so replenishing this loss is important.
  4. PRIME YOUR SKIN - Always clean your skin before tanning – skin that is unprepared will result in uneven tanning. For example some lotions, make-up, or body sprays may contain ingredients, such as SPF or oils that will interfere with the results given by a tanning bed. To ensure optimal tanning results it is important to tan with well prepared and evenly balanced skin.
  5. LOTIONS – need we say more? The use of indoor tanning lotions helps tanners to achieve the best results possible. Lotions give you 30-50% more colour as well as provide your skin with multiple benefits such as hydration, prolonged tan, anti-aging, skin firming, a sun kissed glow, and vitamin A, C, D and E. Lotions also mean fewer visits to the salon - since they produce results for up to 10 days after the session your need to tan becomes less frequent.
  6. Tanning while pregnant, is it a concern? You should always consult your doctor but tanning is not proven to be harmful to pregnant women or their fetus. Ultraviolet light from a tanning bed does not penetrate beyond the skin. Heat may cause discomfort as well as the activity of getting into a bed and out of a bed. The strains caused during a session are the major concerns for women who are pregnant, not the actual tan itself.
    Therefore, you should only tan while pregnant with the approval from your doctor.
  7. Why indoor may be more beneficial then outdoor – Tanning indoors has an easy and controlled formula to success, its formula is the intensity x duration = total exposure. Tanning salons provide controlled environments to achieving your goals. This means there are less chances of burning. Outdoor tanning has multiple, uncontrollable, factors that affect your tan such as the time of day, time of year, latitude, altitude, weather conditions, and reflection. These variables alter your tan and the results you are looking to achieve.
  8. Seeing white spots after you tan? This means there is a lack of oxygen reaching the skin’s surface. By shifting your body from side to side it allows for a more even tan due to the oxygen flow.